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Trending: Show Off Your Treasures!

Minimalism has certainly had its moments. There’s beauty in the clean, the muted, the sparse. The lack of clutter reflects restrained, professional, unflappable homeowners with the fortitude to resist knick knacks, collectables, and well … stuff.

But most of us love our stuff, so it’s a good thing that showing off your treasures is back on trend. Done well, showing off the things that mean something to you shows a creative, but organized, homeowner displaying layers of visually alluring treats.

This new trend shouldn’t be confused with its cousin shabby chic, where the furniture and accessories are purposely distressed. It is purposeful staging collections and artfully overstuffing spaces with themed decor and furniture.

Before you think dropping your coat in the foyer instead of hanging it up or scattering your figurine collection all over your living room floor is the newest, freest design fad, there are some guidelines for maximizing showing off your treasures. 

Going anti-minimalist is unintentional-feeling, but is actually very intentional, if you catch our drift.

Surfaces and gatherings of items should try to look clean, not just in terms of busting dust, but also in terms of lines of sight for objects and conscious arrangements by size and color. Seeing peeks of some items is OK. Not everything has to be in full view. Think of your items in layers that build a scene, noticing what visitors will be able to see from different angles. Extra furniture pieces do need to follow the traffic of the room and remain functional.

It also helps to have patterns and themes to draw the objects in the room together. A sort of subconscious thread needs to rule the room: a unique color that appears in upholstery patterns, shelving, and lamps; a timeframe for pieces (mid-century kitchen gear, for instance); a similarity in textures and materials; and most importantly, items that are related to one another somehow.

And it helps to have places in the room where the eye can rest, that are intentionally quiet. White makes a great background color for that reprieve and it shows that tidy and efficient aspect that minimalism strives for.

Making the switch in your home’s style is a great time to decide what YOU like and what YOU want to show off, but choose a way to display photos and memorabilia with a motif that ties the room together. Picture frames, shadow boxes, shelving, and containers should harmonize visually even if they don’t match.

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture, or a display space for your carefully curated collections, come visit us in Rochelle or Mendota! We’re here to help give your treasures and collections the new look they deserve!