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Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning from Meyers

Spring cleaning time always makes us think of getting the windows open, allowing some fresh air in the house, and getting to the task of cleaning up and cleaning out. It’s the perfect season to give your home the once-over in the cleaning department! And, Meyers Furniture is here to help with some of our top tips for those areas you want to make sure to hit during your spring cleaning.

Give walls, baseboards, cabinets and woodwork a wash down.

While we all think that dust naturally settles on horizontal surfaces, it’s not necessarily the case – vertical surfaces get hit too. You’ll need two buckets, a sponge, and some handwashing detergent mixed with water. Simply wipe down your surfaces with the detergent mixture and use your extra bucket to wring your sponge.

Make vacuuming a priority – but it doesn’t have to mean emptying a room!

Vacuuming is key, but you don’t have to move every piece of furniture from your carpeted area. Just simply move it a little to the right or left, vacuum underneath, and move the furniture back. That’s all that’s needed.

Don’t forget those ceiling fixtures.

Ceiling fans and vents have been known to collect a lot of dust. All you need is a clean cloth, and a vacuum with a soft attachment (and probably a step stool too.)

Make your light fixtures shine.

Your light fixtures, whether table lamps or ceiling fixtures, deserve some attention this time of year. Grab a polish cloth, some all-purpose cleaner, a sponge, and a step ladder, and make your fixtures shine. If you have lamp shades, having your vacuum with soft attachment handy is great to get the dust off of these pieces.

Spruce up your upholstery.

Upholstery can always use a cleaning by simply vacuuming the furniture down with a soft attachment (and, don’t forget to pull up the cushions to vacuum underneath the cushions – and find that loose change!) If your upholstered pieces could use a deeper cleaning, you can hire a service to come in to clean, or do-it-yourself with a rented carpet cleaner. (Hint: If you go this route, be sure to: 1. Check any tags or documents that you received with your furniture to make sure this type of cleaning works for your upholstery, 2. Practice first in an unobtrusive area to make sure you have the machine working correctly and it doesn’t cause dyes to run or fabrics to discolor.)

Once you’ve done that deep Spring cleaning, reward your hard work with a trip to Meyers Furniture in Rochelle or Mendota to see the latest styles, textures, and designs in seating, dining, occasional tables, and more! And, if you stop by now through the end of April, be sure to take advantage of our Spring Cleaning Sale!