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Ten Reasons To Buy Your Furniture In Person

Seeing really is believing, especially when it comes to home decor. While many furniture websites can give you an idea of what a piece will look like in your home, there is just no surer way to shop than in the store. Yes, it’s convenient to shop online for items you have already purchased and know well or small items that are easily returned or cheaply forgotten. But buying a piece of furniture online is an iffy proposition.
Here are 10 great reasons to come to one of Meyers Furniture’s two beautiful showrooms in Rochelle and Mendota.
Quality craftsmanship: Given flattering lighting and surroundings, any furniture can appear sturdy and appealing. But without actually looking closely at woodgrain, connecting parts, upholstery, inner workings, and back and side angles, it’s difficult to know what level of quality will show up on your porch.
No wrench set needed: Often DIY furniture lacks the professional look because most homeowners aren’t equipped with the best tools and knowledge to effectively tighten seams, align drawers, and balance shelves, etc. Meyers does the heavy lifting for you, assembling furniture the ways it’s meant to be assembled – by experts who have done it many times over.
Does it match? Sometimes the colors represented for online products don’t match reality … or that fantastic shade of paint you chose for the living room. Don’t trust your computer monitor to have a spot-on eye for detail. Different lighting changes a color entirely, so you’ll want to see it with your own eyes.
Does it fit? Of course you can get dimensions online easily, but can you really picture how the item will fit in the room? Is it a sleek 60 by 32 inches or a fluffy one? Just how far does the arm of the chair stick out? How much space is needed to swing open the doors of that hutch?
Does it do its job? In terms of seating and eating furniture, you’ll want to explore how comfortable it is for yourself. Being able to give a recliner a comfort test-run is impossible with online shopping. Looking inside drawers and cabinets will give you an idea of how your clothes, dishes, and other items will fit and remain safe and organized.
Painless returns: If it’s broken, the wrong size, or just not what you want, you’ll have to arrange for a return, which could mean doing your own disassembling and repacking, arranging to cart a large unwieldy item to the post office, and paying for costly shipping. Meyers will work with you to make things right if you should ever feel your item isn’t the best it can be.
Extensive stock: Meyers carries a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, brands, and pricing. While online furniture stores may boast about the sheer numbers of items they carry, they don’t necessarily give you the options you might imagine and don’t have caring people to help you locate just the right piece from their overwhelming inventory.
The deals: Meyers has deals too! Online stores may offer discounts, coupons, and deals, but Meyers keeps pace with competitive pricing.
Expertise, but no pressure: The human factor is a big selling point for in-store furniture purchases. At Meyers, you can ask questions about materials, warrantees, pricing, delivery, and any other expectations you may have. Our knowledgeable sales people are furniture experts who know the pieces they sell. There’s no pressure with us – we get that you might need some time in the showroom to look and explore without someone hanging over your shoulder.
We’re still online: We’ve still got great photos online to give you a taste before you visit the showroom if you can’t stop in just yet. And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all of the latest styles and designs!