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Spaces For Our Pet Friends

They’re our friends. They’re our babies. They’re our housemates, even if they don’t empty the dishwasher. Our cats, dogs, birds, fish and guinea pigs deserve to feel at home, but do we have to rearrange our furniture to accommodate litter boxes, chew toys, tanks and cages?

There are some ways to have all the pet accoutrements without the clutter as well as safeguard your furniture against pet damage.

And if you don’t have a furry friend, how can you bring the wild into your decor?

If you crate your pet, chances are the crate is unsightly and takes up a whole corner of a common room. There are crafty ways to hide a pet crate by turning it into coffee or end table. Find a table with slightly larger measurements than the crate to put over the top. Add drapery or other forms of disguise that can easily camouflage the crate while the pet isn’t in it.

A similar ruse can work for cats’ litter boxes or large containers of animal kibble that need to be hidden under counters or in bathroom corners. You won’t want litter boxes stored in places where guests might relax during a visit, but some people have no choice as their space is limited. These days there are options for litter box cubbies that have the looks of furniture, but offer a discreet solution that traps odors and doesn’t advertise their purpose.

The other furniture-related cat problem is obviously the scratching, Just as litter boxes can be disguised, so can cat condos and scratchers. Giving your little friend the go-ahead to scratch his own furniture could save yours. Cat furniture is becoming more and more attuned to human furniture design in an effort to make it blend well. There are also products like double-sided tape and scented sprays, but make sure you’re testing them in small, hidden areas before going full-on with them.

A beautiful and well-engineered fish tank can be the artistic focus of a room. Or a smaller tank that’s well-lit can make for a pretty decorative piece on a shelf or atop an entertainment center. Remember the tank needs to be very accessible for all sides as fish are living things that need tending and a considerate environment. Some fish are suited to smaller surroundings, so a beautiful fishbowl might be in order. Do your research to keep your fish happy and healthy.

Decorative antique bird cages make beautiful conversation pieces even if you don’t have birds. They can house plants and knickknacks or remain empty. If you do have a bird, make sure an antique cage is made with materials that won’t harm your feathered friend.

Not really a cat person? Or a dog person? Or a python person? You can still enjoy the wonders of nature through your furniture and decor choices. Animal prints have beautiful colors and patterns that can be both natural and exotic. Consider them for an accent for an area rug or upholstering a piece of furniture or set of chairs or dressing the bed with them.

Adorn your walls with animal-themed art and look for new and antique furniture pieces and bathtubs that clawfoot legs. Wallpaper can have delicate animal patterns that carry the theme in the background.

Animal decor can be vibrant and bigger-than-life, but it can also be subtle and dreamy. Just be careful not to mix too many metaphors. Choose a theme — jungle, woodsy, avian, for instance — to keep your decor from clashing or distracting. Maybe moose and peacocks shouldn’t live in the same dining room.

Faux fur and fuzzy or fluffy pillow covers and other surfaces are another way to get that cozy critter charm. 

Ready to give your home an animal friendly look and feel? Stop in to Meyers Furniture to let us help!