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Room For Two

Couples share everything, right? But shared spaces in the home can get a little constricting, especially during the winter when everyone is indoors so much.

“Man caves” and “she sheds” are a great place to spend some time alone, but what about those living spaces that require a little compromise? There are some ways to make each room into a paired set-up that will make both of you happy.

Reservation for Two

It takes two to be a couple, so when you’re planning a space, consider doubling up: two desks in an office, two sinks in the bathroom, two closets in the bedroom.

And while you’re doing double-time, remember to consider how the space will work when you’re both in the room. Give each other space to move around freely.

Think about how and where a person might maneuver through the space. Can an office chair roll to a drawer or desk without encroaching on the other’s space? Can one person shave and one person brush their teeth without taking turns if the bathroom counter is long enough? Will one person’s love for clothing accessories eclipse the other’s closet square-footage? Will adequate quiet, privacy, and efficiency be achieved for each partner even when they’re in the room together?

Same Differences

Of course, the most obvious complication with rooms for two people is differences of opinion in terms of style. So how can you not only compromise, but make both of your personalities shine through?

One wants the college football team’s colors; the other likes the delicate pastels of antique flower catalogs. How to choose?!

If you have a dramatic difference of opinion about masculine vs. feminine decor energy, pick glamorous accents against masculine finishes.

In shared spaces where furniture style is making it or breaking it, look for customizable pieces that will bend to both your wills. For instance, instead of a large couch, look for two similarly shaped chairs to upholster with different but coordinating fabrics or textures.

Take turns choosing accessories too. One might choose the lamps while the other chooses the duvet.

Versatile and simple furnishings can be changed with different accessories. An understated bedframe and headboard, for an example, can give more leeway toward busier patterns and more decorative pillows that fit both of you.

Make a list of must-haves to begin building the room. Discover furnishings together that you’ll add as time goes by. Often couples begin to enjoy the same design aesthetic.

You may find designing a room together isn’t a tug-of-war as much as a beloved shared experience. And, now is the best time to stop in to Meyers Furniture to get your spaces furnished! Our in-stock styles are here, ready for you to take home today or schedule for delivery!