Keystone Collections Mission Table Solid Top


If you’re drawn to emphatic verticals and horizontals, the Mission Collection satisfies a longing for order, dependability, and authority like nothing else.

Mission Solid Top Table shown in Red Oak and Michael’s Cherry Stain with large 3-1/2″ Mission Leg

Available in different wood, color, finish, table edge and legs & skirting options.


  • 36″W X 36″L X 30″H
  • 36″W X 48″L X 30″H
  • 36″W X 60″L X 30″H
  • 36″W X 72″L X 30″H
  • 36″W X 84″L X 30″H
  • 42″W X 42″L X 30″H
  • 42″W X 48″L X 30″H
  • 42″W X 60″L X 30″H
  • 42″W X 72″L X 30″H
  • 42″W X 84″L X 30″H
  • 48″W X 48″L X 30″H
  • 36″W X 36″L X 36″H
  • 36″W X 48″L X 36″H
  • 36″W X 60″L X 36″H
  • 36″W X 72″L X 36″H
  • 36″W X 84″L X 36″H
  • 42″W X 42″L X 36″H
  • 42″W X 48″L X 36″H
  • 42″W X 60″L X 36″H
  • 42″W X 72″L X 36″H
  • 42″W X 84″L X 36″H
  • 48″W X 48″L X 36″H

Seats between 2 and 10

Product ID: #984/#984/#984-SS Mission Table Solid Top