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Meyers Family Tips: Help Your Furniture Last!

Does S.O.S. stand for Save Our Sofa or Save Our Side Table at your house? Maybe both.

If you’re going to spend thousands on a new living room or bedroom set, there are some simple actions you can take to keep those expensive pieces looking and performing like new.

We’re all creatures of habit, especially when it comes to relaxing, but avoid sitting in the same place on your sofa every time you go for a lounge. Further, keep those cushions their comfiest by rotating them like you’d rotate the tires on your car to even out the wear. Remember the couch is not a trampoline — despite its inviting fluff and spring. While you may have to remind the kids, teens and 150-pound Great Dane not to flop on the sofa, tell the adults to sit down gently too. And if you’re moving your sofa around the room or house, keep in mind it’s not always as hearty has its heft implies. Jerking, dragging, or dropping a giant sofa can break delicate inside mechanisms, joints, and legs. Put quilted covers for pets and kids on sofas and chairs in the family room to catch the odd spill and pet hair. They’re coming in more attractive patterns and colors and heartier, more stain-proof materials these days. If all else fails, old-fashioned “couch rules” are back in fashion. So put them into practice in your home. Save the “good” couches for company.

Any sofa can be the enemy of your wood floors or carpeting. Consider having rolling castors or felt glides if the furniture may be moved on a regular basis because it has functions that change its footprint — sofa beds and recliners — and could scar floors when moved annually to accommodate different holiday layout. You can also by cups and pads for the bottom of furniture legs.

While you’re protecting your floors from scratches, remember your tabletops. Coasters will go a long way to saving coffee table surfaces. For kitchen tables, use trivets if you are planning to place hot pans or heavy plates to pass. Set tablecloths and placemats under silverware. Clean up spills immediately to avoid stains and rings. Don’t make a habit of tossing heavy, sharp objects (like say your car keys) onto the tops of tables.

Heat, liquids, light are detrimental to all your furniture. Keep any pieces you want to keep looking youthful away from fireplaces and radiators. Consider where condensation might collect in your home from air conditioning or extreme weather and avoid those places. Lastly, notice where intense sunlight falls into your rooms. Direct sunlight can fade all types of furniture material, so arrange pieces accordingly or hang drapes where they are needed.

For more furniture-saving tips and great deals on beautiful items, visit Meyers Furniture in Rochelle and Mendota!