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Mattress Buying Guide Part I


Do you toss and turn all night, unable to get comfortable?  Are you waking up every morning with a bad back or a crick in the neck? These two examples are good indicators that you need a new mattress!  A bad mattress that affects your sleep can also affect your overall health.

According to a four year study by Research Triangle International and Drs. Andy Krystal and Jack Edinger from Duke University, mattresses matter. More than 16,000 nights of sleep were evaluated on 128 subjects and the researchers looked at how different support levels of mattresses (soft, medium, firm) impacted sleep, pain and daytime functioning.  The results they found were clear that small changes in mattress support connected with changes in sleep and pain.

When seriously thinking about purchasing a new mattress, ask yourself these questions:

Is your current mattress 6-8 years old? Specialists advise to change your mattress every 8 years since the mattress loses it’s performance by this time.

Are you sleeping a full 8 hours?  If you’re tossing and turning and can’t get comfortable, you need to find a mattress that perfectly supports your body.

Are you waking up sore or stiff? Poor support can cause your body to slump unnaturally and cause spinal weakness.

Are you suffering from health issues, such as chronic allergies? Over the years, dust and skin flakes that settle into the mattress entices dust mites to inhabit your mattress and irritate your allergies!

Are you recently married? Maybe it’s time for a larger mattress set.

Are you going through the change of life and suffering hot flashes?  There are new cooling materials in mattresses that can help.

Can’t pinpoint the problem?  No problem! We here at Meyers Furniture have 50+ years of experience and finding your right mattress is our expertise.  Visit us today and sleep better at night!

-The MEYERS Family