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Mattress Buying Guide Part 2

The importance of a good night’s sleep is a no brainer. It makes us feel rejuvenated, less stress, and better able to tackle our busy days. While sleep itself is important, the mattress you sleep on hugely impacts the quality of your sleep.

It’s hard to put a price on a good night’s sleep, but it’s important to remember that the wrong mattress, or one that has extended its use, can cause more than low back pain or that pain in your neck.

There are several ways your old mattress might be affecting your sleep and your health:

Reduce Your Stress

Buying a new mattress can reduce the stress you feel. In 2009, there was a small study that showed among the 59 healthy men and women who took part, that sleeping in a new bed resulted “in a significant decrease in stress.” After spending 28 consecutive nights on their regular mattresses, then another 28 nights on new, medium-firm mattresses, the men and women were asked about stressful factors such as worrying, racing thoughts, nervousness, irritability, headaches, trembling and more.

Get Rid of Allergies

Unfortunately, dust mites call mattresses home. As many as 20 million Americans are allergic to these microscopic bugs, according to WebMD, and they are especially an issue for those with asthma, CNN reported. These small mites can be tackled by washing sheets and pillowcases frequently in hot water, and also using a slipcover labeled “allergy-proof” can help keep them from getting from the mattress to your sheets.

Tossing and Turning

If your sleep is not as good as it used to be, it might be time for a new mattress.

At Meyers, we understand that many people worry about the expense of a new mattress. We’re here to help you find the right mattress that will bring you a better night’s sleep, in the budget for you.