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Make Your Home Holiday Guest Ready!

Santa’s coming, but he’s not staying. However, there might be a crowd of friends and relatives who are. Make sure your guest room and other shared spaces are visitor-friendly. With a few simple changes in furniture and accessories, you can make your home their home. Accessibility and comfort are the keys to guest happiness.

Travel-weary guests will appreciate nothing more than comfortable sleeping accommodations. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, make sure you’ve updated your guest room mattress and boxspring. Break out the fresh new holiday sheets and quilt to tie the room’s colors and themes together. Remember to set out more pillows and blankets than fewer; guests can always slough off a layer or put a pillow aside for their comfort.

If your guests are slumbering sofa-side, consider a newer sofa or sofa sleeper. These days, sofa beds feature top-of-the-line sleeping surfaces and easy-to-convert pieces that turn your living room into a bedroom without much effort. Need even more beds? There are affordable futons and air mattresses that collapse to a smaller size for storing.

Make sure there is at least one light source that is accessible from the bed. Remember, guests don’t know your home like you do, so if you can’t add a bedside table lamp, consider a night light. A small reading lamp is inexpensive and saves visitors from being the ones who go bump in the night.

Leave spacious places for guests to unpack and get comfortable. Clearing out an entire closet or chest of drawers for your guests’ use allows them to hang clothing and avoid rummaging through their suitcases whenever they need to change. Adding a dresser or nightstand can be very useful. Provide a luggage rack or a special surface just for their their suitcase.

Choose a nightstand, dresser, or armoire to station a little home base of necessities and goodies for guests. Leave a few pretty little dishes or containers to hold jewelry and watches as well as a spare key to the house so visitors can come and go as they please and a card with the wifi password. Add a few local favorites that will remind them of their visit to your hometown — special candy or other unique trinkets.

Decorate with a fresh vibe: small Christmas trees, evergreen boughs, poinsettias, or any other floral arrangements that will reflect the season.

Don’t forget the bathroom. Decorate it appropriately too and leave plenty of supplies and towels for guests.

In any room you expect guests to inhabit, take a minimal approach. There should be nothing to trip over and nowhere to lose track of items they unpack.

Make all your rooms a respite for visitors who want to enjoy your home’s coziness and appreciate your welcome, and your guests will visit every year! If you need to give your guest rooms a refresh before the holidays, head into Meyers Furniture in Rochelle or Mendota. We have the latest in-stock styles, ready to be in your home within days – no waiting for special orders, or shipping!