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Let’s Talk Mud Rooms

This spring is definitely bringing … muddy boots, drippy umbrellas, and layers and layers of coats, jackets, and sweaters.

Mud rooms, despite what their name implies, are supposed to be places of cleanliness and organization, a sort of portal of tidying that collects backpacks, toys, and pawprints before they get into the main house. Mud rooms often double as laundry rooms and have deep sinks and other equipment that may not exactly jive with your other rooms’ aesthetic. But despite their utilitarian purpose, they can be chic, sleek and uncluttered.

Think of the mud room, no matter how large or small, in three categories: floor, walls, and furniture.

For floors, choose hardy materials that won’t warp, stain, or wear quickly — floors that can take a steady parade of footsteps and a thorough scrub. Anticipate spills and scrapes, and use your walls and furniture to keep the floors uncluttered.

Place non-slip rugs in high-traffic areas. Invest in a coat rack as well as an umbrella stand. During times when wet or snowy boots and shoes are everywhere, make a boot tray by filling a plastic or rubber tub with low sides with stones to catch footwear drips.

For walls, consider the most durable paint you can find. Consider covering a wall in chalkboard paint, so kids have a place to play, and you have a place to plan with calendars and lists.

Install many hooks, pegs, and even a clothesline at several levels, including lower heights for children. Floating shelves are great for holding keys, laundry detergent, and something you don’t want to forget to take with you.

A mirror is always welcome for a last peak at your hair as you are running out the door. And hang a clock in the mud room. Those last few minutes before you’re out the door go fast!

For furniture, look for locker-style cabinets and cubbies to catch cast-off items. Look for drawers that pull out and shelf space for baskets that can be mixed and matched. A counter is wonderful for folding laundry or storing stuff. Make sure to keep ventilation openings clear when placing furniture.

Plus think about seating — yes, seating. A bench (with storage inside) is very important in a place where a person can sit down next to the door to remove boots or put them on.

Don’t underestimate space under counters and benches as places to store pet supplies, especially cat litter.

If you’re setting up your mud room during this unique time, give us a call at Meyers for flooring, decor, and furniture ideas. We’re helping our friends virtually while the stay-in-place order is in place. And stay warm, dry, and organized this spring!