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Let’s Talk Furniture Resolutions…

Here are some New Year’s resolutions you won’t mind keeping. Make your home’s spaces nurture your own interests, not just follow the latest decor trends. You do you this year.

Resolve to Make Your Spaces Your Own

Some people will tell you a dining room must be a dining room. But there are no laws on the books that say you can’t reallocate unused dining room space. If your dining room is in use only certain days of the year, collecting dust or worse — aimless clutter — it’s time to take that space back.

Multifunctional furniture is a valid option. Look for tables, chairs, and storage that do double-duty in terms of use and aesthetics. Look for a large, study table that lends itself to crafting or other hobby-making with drawers and nooks to keep materials. The table can certainly have a set of chairs, but maybe those chairs are of a more comfortable and storable variety than the usual high-backed, space-claiming chairs.

Remember, you can always class up this hobby room should you need it for a dining room three days out of 365.

Resolve to Evolve the Current Look to Your Tastes

Not a fan of the Nordic or mid-century looks that have been dominating the design scene in recent years? That Northern European hygge-inspired trend may be feeling a bit sterile and austere. And that 1950s-1960s blast from the past could be getting dated — again.

Yet the two concepts (if you are a fan) have also been updated for 2020. So if you’re looking for a different approach, there are a number of avenues that maintain that Swedish style or chirpy ‘60s flair, yet take a different, uncharted direction. Styles are trending to minimal, but personal; sleek, but relaxed; and most notably, geometrically joyful.

Big geometric patterns (chevrons, hexagons, squares) are in. Braver colors — think Greek coastline — are in: dazzling teals, ochre, terra cotta.

Resolve to Make Space to Work Out

If your home is small, you may not have a dedicated exercise room, so you’ll have to make your living room or den work for your workout. These rooms often have televisions for videos and mirrors to watch your form.

Remember to measure the room carefully, keeping in mind that an errant elbow or knee could be a disaster for your end table or drywall.

Look for storage space for your equipment that fits in well. A larger entertainment system should have easily accessible drawers and shelves to hold mats, weights, and other devices that small doors can conceal. And ottomans often open to reveal storage space inside. Consider a carpeted room for exercise; it’s easier on your joints.

Resolve to Brighten Your Spaces

The future’s so bright, but it it’s dark in your living room. Remember to keep tall items away from the windows — trees, heavy drapes, armoires, etc. These looming objects block and interrupt light.

Consider true white light bulbs for your fixtures to crisp things up. Use matte paint on the walls, but glossy on the ceiling for better use of reflected light, and don’t shy away of metallic colors and accents. If possible, aim lights upward to provide an indirect, but full-coverage glow.

Resolve to Think Greener

Live plants freshen a sleepy winter room Plastic plants are on the outs again, and decor includes different types of plant shelves and lighting systems for our little leafy friends. This also means we need to provide them with enough light (see above).

But your green scene may take more of a metaphorical and artistic approach. Tropical colors and patterns — palm fronds, birds of paradise, etc. — make a room lush, warm, and dreamy. Flowy, breezy sunset hues are also outdoorsy and match 2020’s popular palettes.

Resolve to Socialize

Make more friends so you can invite them to your house for gathering. Consider giving each room a focal point — a TV, a fireplace, a kitchen island — that friends can encircle to be merry.

Find ways to add inconspicuous chairs to your gathering rooms that can pop out of the woodwork when they’re needed and retire to a quiet, unobtrusive spot when you need the space. Think bar stools and ottomans.

However you decide to make your new decade delightful, visit us at Meyers Furniture in Rochelle or Mendota and let us help you make your home ready for 2020!