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Is Your Entertainment Center Ready For TV Season?

We are in prime sports season. And like it or not, we’re sailing quickly into hide-under-a-blankie- and-start-a-Netflix-binge weather too.

Before you know it, you may want a better relationship with your television and stereo system inside your cozy house. Since we know we’ll be spending some time with the tube, we should look for an entertainment center that works for us.

Measurements are so important to choosing the right entertainment center. Usually the television is the centerpiece, so its size will guide the shape of the center. Most people know the size in inches of the television they’ve purchased. However, some don’t realize the number of inches comes from the diagonal (including the bezel, or frame) width.

Unless you’re purchasing a TV stand-type center that is more like a chest of drawers the TV sits upon, you’re going to want to make sure there are at least 2 inches leeway on both sides and over the top.

To get the best picture, consider the television’s height. It needs to be in the line of sight. The bottom and top edge of the television should be within a 15-degree radius (up and down) to make sure the TV isn’t sitting too high or low. Remember to find the TV’s depth as well. There are still a lot of tube TVs out there with deeper dimensions than flat screens.

Also, think about the closest and farthest seats from the television. There are lots of charts online that give exact suggested measurements. For example, a 32-inch TV should be 4.5 to 8 feet away from viewers, and a 55-inch TV should be 7 to 14 feet from the people watching it.

Clearly differentiate which seats are meant for TV-watching, keeping an eye out for corners that people can’t see around and obstructions that will foil the remote control.

Remember to hang any doors from the side where they won’t run into furniture, walls, or impede the flow of traffic. Some centers have sliding doors and low-profile door pulls.

Many inexpensive hooks and holders are available for entertainment centers to organize and hide away electric and auxiliary cords and make switching out components easy. Adjustable shelves and pull-out trays are other tricks to help hide components or other items guests don’t need to see.

When you have your fit, your imagination is the limit for styles, sizes, materials, and finishes. Some people would like their entertainment center to due its duty quietly and let the TV make the statement. Others may use back backlighting, ornate doors and door pulls, and glossy surfaces to catch the eye.

No matter your personal style, Meyers Furniture and Flooring can help you find the entertainment center of your dreams. Stop by our showroom in Rochelle or Mendota to take a look!