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Holiday Hacks You Need This Season

What to do about a shattered ornament? There’s a holiday hack for that! Need to move chairs in a pinch? There’s a hack for that! The TV’s stealing the merry family focus? There’s a hack for that! They may be odd solutions or ordinary, but they’re worth a try to make your entertainment spaces and the furniture and flooring that reside within them sparkle.


Snow more drippy boots: Keep the floors and carpets dry and clean with a home-made drip tray. While cute holiday doormats are helpful, you may want to be ready for bigger boot volume when the relatives and their kiddos pile in. FInd a low-profile tray you can cover with river rocks or or any other kind of material that is both attractive, but sturdy. Pile that wet, snowy footwear on the tray, and it will be dry in time for guests to leave. And there will be know trickles or rivers marring or staining your floors.
Glitter, be gone! Got glitter everywhere? A lint roller will get the rest after you’ve swept. No more leaving the house with sparkles in your hair (unless you want to!). Also try play dough or even a blown-up balloon’s static electricity.
Slice of genius: Accidents happen with the ornaments, candlesticks, and other holiday knickknacks, so be ready with a slice of bread. Yes, bread. Tiny slivers of glass or porcelain can hide from the broom and vacuum cleaner, but the spongy consistency of a damp slice of white bread can get tiny, invisible pieces with gentle dabbing. Obviously, be careful when using bread to clean up glass, and use it only to make a last pass after you’ve swept and vacuumed.
Fluff-busting: A damp rubber glove gets pet hair off sofas pronto. Forget the silly vacuum cleaner attachments.
Coaster to coaster: Keep as many coasters in as many accessible places as you can to save your tabletops, entertainment centers, and credenzas from rings. They’re even easy to make with heavy cardboard and wrapping paper in quantity for a special occasion.


Present company included: Want to move the focus of your great room away from the flatscreen and toward the table? Maybe you want to move the seating to face the other way without leaving the odd feeling that the room is oriented strangely. Cover that TV with a large painting or a canvas covered in wrapping paper and a bow. Now the entertainment isn’t the television, it’s your festivities.
Bucket list: Turn your summer planters into ice buckets for soda and beer, and don’t be afraid to repurpose a rolling office or craft cart (painted in a glittery hue) as an extra bar cart.
Musical chairs: Moving furniture? With a buddy, turn chairs on their sides and move them around corners in, using their “L” shape to you advantage to hook them around corners. For recliners, use your toolkit to carefully take their backs off to move them in two pieces. Tip sofas up on their ends to move them through doorways.


Double it up: Holiday wreaths can be expensive because of their intricate and delicate nature. But you can layer them by putting smaller ones inside larger ones to create a fuller effect.
Scarf it down: Dress up surfaces with smaller trees, but instead of tree skirts, wrap the bases in lovely scarves that serve double-duty in protecting your tables and floors.

— Tips sources from Pittsburgh Suburban Media, DIY Network, Bob Vila, Living Locurto, Family Handyman, American Cleaning Institute