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Design Trends: Motion Furniture Evolves

Motion seating continues to be one of the most popular sellers in our stores, and at the October market, the trends confirmed what we’re seeing back home. The evolution of motion seating is incredible, and continues to keep pace with what consumers want and how they live their lives. 

This past fall, we saw motion seating continue to use a variety of different fabrics, but leather is always one of the mainstays. The lines and silhouettes of motion are also continuing to evolve, with a range of styles from traditional tufted styles to sleek and clean lines. It’s no longer just a multi-seat sectional that includes motion – even two-seat options include all of the comfort and convenience that comes with motion furniture.

The biggest change we saw in the showrooms is the technology integration with motion furniture. Not only is reclining motorized, but we also saw features such as multiple USB ports (for charging all of our devices) and other power outlet integration. It’s obvious the designs are keeping up with how you live!

Meyers Furniture in Rochelle and Mendota have all of the latest styles and features in motion furniture. And, don’t forget: in-stock items can be delivered in just a few days!