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Design Trend: Using Books As Decor

February is a great time to curl up with a book. If you’re getting a bit of cabin fever, you can venture out to the great wide world through your imagination.

If that doesn’t appeal, organizing your book collection for style and efficiency is a great indoor project as well during these cold months.

Book storage concepts are meant to dazzle onlookers and showcase not only books, but photos, paintings, sculptures, and other personal treasures.

Shelving for books is whatever you imagine it to be. It’s really only limited to the space you plan to fill. Long gone are the days of the plain stand-alone bookcase, stoically serving its purpose in a long-forgotten corner.

That being said, bookcases are beautiful and useful. If you love your bookcases, they look lovely on either side of a fireplace or television. They can stand against a wall behind a sofa in low-traffic areas. Make sure there is enough clearance for people to walk near them and not have to step around them.

Bookshelves are now taking up entire walls of rooms, climbing diagonally up the sides of staircases, creating snug built-ins around fireplaces, and even creating their own brief walls and waist- or knee-high partitions between rooms — for example, cordoning off a foyer from a living room.

If your books are shelved in such a way that they meant to be decor, there are some ways to make them seem effortlessly styled. Turn some books horizontally and some vertically. Intersperse items between groups of books: special and pretty decor items, such as boxes, plants, and of course bookends.

Cultivate a theme. If you have a love of cooking, add your pretty plates, pots, and gadgets. Like to travel? Place souvenirs from your trips. Add collectibles of any kind. Put the interesting pieces at eye level, and maintain a loose symmetry that pleases the eye.

Alternately, hang a grouping of shorter floating bookshelves as its own artwork above a sofa or bed. Arrange books by the color of their spines, or if the spines aren’t colorful, paint the shelves a bolder hue. And yes, some retailers sell fake books that double as hiding spots or just as aesthetic fillers for shelves.

Book storage doesn’t have to mean shelves. End tables, sideboards, hutches, and headboards can multitask as book displays while not adding to the volume of furniture in the room. Beds as well as raised lofts and bunks can have cubbies beneath that show off books and keep them off the floor without the footprint of a bookcase. Magazine racks and rolling carts have been known to make nice book storage too.

If you’ve read this far, you must really like books, but if you just like bookcases, consider using one for wine storage or a houseplant garden. Fill one with pretty boxes that contain important documents or keepsakes or children’s toys.

If you’re looking for bookcases or furniture that can double as a bookcase, visit the Meyers Family in Rochelle and Mendota for ideas!