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Cool Tips For A Hot Summer

Looking for cool design ideas? Sick of (literally) stuffy interiors? Well, here are some decorating ideas that are truly taking the temperature of the room, and keeping air-conditioning costs down.

If there is a room in your home that has a southern or western exposure and becomes hot as blazes in the summer, there are some simple ways to refresh it. Outside the usual advice of using the microwave instead of the oven, and making sure the attic is well-ventilated, there are style choices that will help. 

Arrange Your Furniture For Maximum Chill

First and foremost, make sure your home’s air returns aren’t covered with furniture or drapery. Sometimes vents are configured in frustrating patterns in a room, making furniture placement seem like a complicated puzzle. 

If you absolutely need to place a sofa where an air return vent is located, consider setting a console table (a tall, long, narrow table) behind the sofa. It will free up the immediate area around the vent. 

Consider smaller furniture pieces, such as two loveseats instead of a huge sectional, to allow lots of seating and room for vents to flow.

Also, find an air deflector, which can be attached to a vent to direct air away from tight spaces. 

Choose Materials And Colors Wisely

Giant down pillows and leather wingback chairs are no one’s idea of summer comfort. While lovely in the winter in front of a fireplace, furniture made of heat-absorbing materials with heavy framing and dark colors will be miserable if your room is hot. That’s not to say you can’t have these items. But consider having summery pillows and cushions made of light breezy cottons in whites and beiges. Put blankets and throws away, and remember wall color matters. A charcoal accent wall will be warm as a barbecue grill!

This is a time to use drapes, shades, and blinds to your advantage. Follow the light and see where in the room gets the most heat and brightness. Heavy drapes aren’t just to keep winter cold out; they can make a room cooler in the summer too. And turn off unneeded lights and lamps when you leave the room.

Install a Ceiling Fan And Use It Effectively

Remember, a ceiling fan won’t actually make the room cooler. It will simply move the air around and allow moisture to evaporate off your skin more quickly, giving the feeling of coolness. But that cool feeling is generally enough to keep the A/C turned off. So if you’re not in the room, turn your fan off. It’s just wasting electricity. However, if the weather is warm enough, running your A/C with the fans can make rooms feel 5 degrees cooler, thereby reducing energy costs.

Carefully measure the room to decide on what size and how many ceiling fans you’ll need for a space. Attic fans are a great investment too. 

Keep your cool this summer with these tips and save a bit on energy too.