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Bring The Outdoors In With A Sunroom

You can call it a sunroom, a three-seasons room, an enclosed porch or patio, even a solarium or greenhouse, but it’s a delivery system for breezes, sun rays, and outdoor aromas.

In these days when we are awaiting the blessings of warmer, drier weather, a sort of half-measure would be much-appreciated.

If you have such a room where the walls are all windows, or if you’re planning home that will have one, here are some helpful tips to get the most from it.

Planning and/or Building Your Sunroom

If you are planning to add a sunroom to an existing home, you may find your patio or porch make natural demarcation lines for these rooms. If you’re designing a home plan, you’ll find that sunrooms seem to most naturally flow from high-traffic areas like the living room or kitchen. A broad, inviting doorway opening to a room of glorious sunlight perks up any family room.

When you’re considering placement, give a thought to any other uses for your sunroom. Will it be an extension of the kitchen, a cozy nook for Sunday brunch, an inspiring office space, or dreamy playroom for children?

Consider where the “sun” in your “sunroom” is going to be during daylight hours. Choose an exposure where the room will receive maximum light in winter and minimal heat in summer. Attention to insulating materials will help as well. Plus don’t forget your privacy. This is a room where the windows tend to be floor-to-ceiling and open to the gorgeous elements. Check out your neighbors’ eyeline in terms of fences, shrubs, and other barriers.

Furnishing Your Sunroom

Because your sunroom is “in” the weather, but out of the weather, you don’t need to worry too much about materials. But your choices should be versatile, comfortable, cheery, and bright. This isn’t the room for a bulky sectional or a dark-toned leather chair. A pair of patterned armchairs or a settee would provide a nice area to gather with friends. End tables or a coffee table could provide a centerpiece and storage. Light-colored woods and airy silhouettes are best. If you have room, a small table with space for two to four settings makes a great place for board games or a picnic lunch.

You may need to arrange your furniture around a fireplace or wood-burning stove or consider the draft of a ceiling fan or the light of a chandelier. If you have a great view of the sunset, plan furniture placement accordingly.

Styling Your Sunroom

Work with understated colors — clean whites and sandy beiges — for the main surfaces of the room: walls, floor, ceiling. Then add splashes of color for points of interest: pillows on seats, artwork, area rugs and/or knick knacks.

A tropical, beachy, or nautical influence can warm up a winter day or bring the outdoors vibe in during the summer. Live plants, trees, and flowers can freshen the mood and will flourish in the sunlight if temperatures remain stable throughout the year. Novelty lights can put either a fun or elegant spin on the look.

Window covering should be minimal. Use blinds and shades where necessary, but windows should feel as bare as possible.

Keep the sunshine flowing into this inviting room.

If you want advice on furnishing and decorating your sunroom, look no further than Meyers Furniture and Flooring. Get in touch with us via phone or Facebook Messenger to let us help you with the furniture for your sunroom!