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A Unique Bedding Look: The Canopy Bed

A canopy bed creates a luxurious mood in a bedroom and a decorating focal point that will garner a double-take. 

As is the backstory for a lot of decorative pieces that have stood the test of time, the canopy bed’s design was founded in utility. It’s towering spires held curtains that provided warmth and privacy in drafty, unheated rooms of old. Those columns and finials and drapery and bedclothes — practical as they were — are still romanticized and enjoyed. You too can have any majestic bedchamber you dream up.

These days, the tall bedposts can be any height, width, style or material, from repurposed wood to wrought iron, from sleek and slender to hardy and heavy. Canopy beds can match the rest of your home’s aesthetic as hefty period pieces for houses filled with European antiques to airy or angular shapes to fit a minimalist vibe.


The bed will be the biggest item in the bedroom, so consider its placement carefully. Avoid crowding it with other bedroom furniture pieces. Smaller items like nightstands, delicate chairs, and footstools can sit closer to accessorize. In fact, with the right rigging to the walls and ceiling, the side and overhead accoutrements — drapes, lights and other decorative items — can make a sort of “faux” canopy without columns if your non-canopy bed snugs into a small room with a “nook” of walls that mimic the enclosed bed space.

Prepare to leave space above the columns; don’t have them closing in on the ceiling. Shoehorning the bed into a room will make the room appear much smaller. Canopy beds look best in a room with higher ceilings where finials, drapery, and even lighting have room to breathe.

To reduce the height at the bottom of the bed instead of the top, some clever decorators are placing canopy bed mattresses on low-profile decorative platforms instead of on bedframes.

Drapery and linens are a matter of choice; they can be heavy and cozy (think velvet layers) or lightweight and breezy (think strings of twinkling lights). Consider hanging a large piece of art on the wall at the head of the bed to be framed by the canopy and columns. The bed might also benefit from its own lighting, from a set of ornate string lights or a chandelier.

Canopy beds can be designed fit any number of sleeping arrangements. There are canopy beds for children that have youthful designs as well as canopies split for a pair of twin beds for siblings.

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